Easily understand the true value of human gene. Enjoy the benefit from gene assets.
World’s First Human Genome Blockchain
Solve major issues in gene data industry. Pricing, recording and storing of all gene blockchain based products.
Standardize the Value of Human Genome
The Gene Blockchain build a platform offering personalized products and services based personal gene background.
All Products & Services are Personalized

Most Advanced Sequencing Technology

We will adopt HiSeq X Ten, the most advanced genome sequencing platform, to complete  the construction of human genome database in the first stage.

Powerful Genome Cloud Analysis Platform

We have developed a series of software for the analysis of human genome data, as well as the construction of future products based on these data models.

Safest Encryption System

Asymmetric encryption is applied to protect privacy of all genome data. It can solve the problem of advanced distribution key which needs symmetric encryption.

The World's First Gene Blockchain Platform

With the Bitcoin future (https://insidebitcoins.com/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-future) in mind, we aim to build the world's largest human genome databases with 10 million copies. With the digital and verifiable nature, Gene Blockchain Smart Contracts are applied to solve the fragmentation, un-standardization and non-correct pricing of the genetic data industry. Human genome data will be not just government or high-tech companies' privilege, but also walk into ordinary people's life. Gene Blockchain Platform will be the only one for people to receive personalized products and services based on their gene background. Companies will develop tremendous of personalized drugs, healthcare program, customized leisure and entertainment apps, social activities to fulfill these needs. All will happens on Gene Blockchain Platform.

10 million copies of human whole genome data

Standardized & priced Gene asset for all GeneBTC owners

Unique Gene blockchain platform for customized services, products and activities based on gene

All Products and Services are Personalized on GBC

Medicine & Healthcare & Leisure & Entertainment & Dating & Bitqt 2021 ...

Privacy is highly protected on our platform. Only the owner of anonymous genome data can authorize the usage.

One of the “Big Four” accounting companies are involved for annual third-party audits.

We give our members a voice. Pitch your ideas, help others, get funded, support other ideas, and decide our future through a voting system.

Our Technologies


Some remarkable events our Gene Blockchain went through.


April, 2013

The team started by Andrew Dewar and Ashley Beleny.

March, 2014

Caleb Cody and Michael Reisch join the team for genome sequencing support and software development.

December, 2014

Release our first version of genome analysis software.


February, 2015

We invited Jeniffer Deasy to join us, aiming to explore our cooperation with other organizations in this stage.

November, 2016

Complete the development of the first version of genome analysis software from gene sequences to its function. Experts, Connor Olson, Joshwa Mathai and Abner Medina, are invited as our advisers to deep analysis of human genes