Genome Sequencing Technology

The most advanced genome sequencing technology in the world.

The most powerful sequencer HiSeq X Ten will be our basic stand of platform for human genome database construction. This sequencing system consists of 10 HiSeq X sequencers, suitable for mass-scale sequencing projects. Each HiSeq X instrument can generate 1.8Tb of data for three days, ie 600Gb per day. 

Accurate sequencing result
Fast sequencing speed


HiSeq X has the lowest rate of incorrect sequencing results.


A flow cell containing billions of nanopores, and a new cluster generation reagent significantly increase the density of the data. If you run 10 instruments at the same time, people can be sequenced every year more than 18,000 human genome.

Low Cost

HiSeq X Ten makes the human genome sequencing costs from the beginning of the $ 1 billion, down to the current $ 1,000.

99.9% Accuracy

< 1,000 USD

600Gb per day